Greenwood Hearing Aids

Greenwood Hearing Aid offers the best hearing aids in the Greenwood, Indiana area. Our hearing aids are 100% digital hearing aids - the best hearing aid technology on the market.

Compare Hearing Aids

When it comes to getting the best hearing aids - digital hearing aids are the only way to go, and Advanced Hearing Technologies offers the best, most reasonably priced heraing aids in the industry.

Why Advanced Hearing Technologies?

When it comes to your hearing aids - you want the most advanced, highest quality digital hearing aids. But besides the best hearing aids, AHT's Greenwood Hearing Aid location also offers:

  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Unprecedented 60-Day Trial
  • 12 Months Interest Free Financing
  • Convenient Location
  • Free hearing evaluation
  • Free Lifetime Service Plan
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Lifetime Service Policy

All in-office services on AHT hearing aids such as deep cleanings, restoration of microphones and speakers, replacement of battery doors, wax guards, windscreens, all re-programming and adjustments will be done free of charge.