Hearing Aid Selection Process

You may have to have a hearing test prior to discussing hearing aids if you haven’t had one recently (within six months). The hearing test is an important factor in determining which hearing aid will meet your needs.

Q. Where do I begin?

The hearing aid selection appointment will consist of a no-charge appointment where you will sit down and talk with an audiologist about hearing aids. You are welcome to bring any family members you would like to the appointment.

Q. What is the process for determining which hearing aid is right for me?

The audiologist will greet you and will discuss with you about the hearing difficulties you have been experiencing. Being specific about what you can and cannot hear and where you can and cannot hear is very important in deciding which hearing aids are best for you. The audiologist will not only consider which hearing aid is best for helping you hear better, but will also consider style, hearing loss, personal preference, lifestyle, activities, cosmetic appeal, and wireless capabilities.

Q. What happens after we select the hearing aid?

After the discussion, the audiologist will go over the paperwork that will explain the 30 day trial, price and style for the hearing aids, warranty information, appointments and more. You will then be set up for a follow-up appointment to pick up the hearing aids. At this follow-up appointment, you are taught how to use, clean, and put on the hearing aids. Follow-up appointments are provided during the 30 day trial to make sure the hearing aids are at a satisfactory setting for you. A non-refundable amount ($250.00) will be paid at the end of your visit that will go towards the total cost of your hearing aid. There will be a set number of free visits within the 12 months following the purchase of your new hearing aid.