Just for kids

Hearing Aids for Children

Every day, 33 babies are born in the United States with permanent hearing loss. It is one of the most frequently occurring birth defects.



If you notice your child not responding when you call his or her name, constantly saying, “Huh” or asking for repetitions, or listening to the television or radio at excessively loud levels, it may be necessary to have your child’s hearing tested by an audiologist.

If a hearing loss is identified in your child, it is important to determine what type of hearing intervention is best for your child to achieve better hearing as soon as possible. Children need to be able to hear in order to develop adequate speech and language skills. Your audiologist will guide you on what type of options are best. The audiologist will consider the child’s age, school, maturity, and more to come to an appropriate solution.


Custom made swimplugs that are designed primarily for the purposes of keeping water out of the ear for any activity (Swimming, showering, washing hair, etc). An earmold impression is taken of the ear and sent to the company to be created. AquaNots can be in any color or color combination.


A best fit swimplug that are designed primarily for the purposes of keeping water out of the ear during bath time or splashing in the pool. Proplugs are not recommended for vigorous swimming activity where the head might be submerged under the water as they do not fully seal the ear. Proplugs only come in the blue and pink colors.

Ear Bandits

Tight bands that fit over the ears to hold swim plugs and pro plugs in place. They are attached in the back by Velcro. Ear Bandits come in various colors of green, orange, and red.